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How to lengthen hair in a natural way

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Long hair is the emblem of femininity, so often, when you are forced to shorten your hair too much, perhaps to give it a little vigour, you would want to make it grow back quickly. Although there are no miraculous potions or magic formulas, there are ways to lengthen hair faster. How to lengthen hair in a natural way? Beyond treatments such as extensions it is possible to lengthen hair using a number of strategies that, it seems, help to stimulate hair growth. The first rule, perhaps the most important, is to avoid stressing too much hair, as the fewer treatments practiced the more the hair will grow healthy and strong. For this reason it is good not to overdo it with tinctures, hairspray, gels or smoothing treatments as in the long run these do nothing but weaken the hair and make them grow thin, weak and with a tendency to break. If, for example, you have wavy or curly hair, try to limit the use of the plate as much as possible and rather try to enhance with the right hairstyle the natural beauty of your hair. Another strategy to lengthen your hair is to massage every time you shampoo your scalp; The massage stimulates the bulbs and helps to grow hair faster. Another good habit is to undergo, at least once a month, a specific treatment for the scalp cook. As for the do-it-yourself massage, it is recommended to use essential oils based on rosemary, eucalyptus and lemon, essences particularly suitable for this type of treatment. A good help to stimulate hair growth can also come from supplements; especially substance such as biotin or B vitamins are very useful for hair and nail growth. Of course you also have to pay attention to the products you use to wash your hair and the frequency of washing; In general it is recommended not to wash your hair too often as too frequent shampoos help to dry your hair by encouraging the formation of the hateful split ends. Finally, very useful for lengthening the hair is the ventilated clay that you will find in any herbalism; the product should be applied to the hair and bequeathed to act for about 10 minutes and then rinse the hair with hop infusion; looks like results are optimal!

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